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Meet the Flexible + Foldable Aladdin Fabric-Lite 350W

The Aladdin Fabric-Lite 350W is our newest LED 3×3 panel that can be folded and flexed.  I’ve found that the best part about this light is its flexibility — because it’s made of fabric, it can easily be folded and packed into a backpack. This makes it easy to take pretty much anywhere.

The Fabric-Lite  can be mounted onto its frame with a diffuser and grid, or you can simply hang it wherever you need it. There are literally NO restrictions for where this light can go…

I took the Fabric-Lite on a recent shoot to NYC, and it was the perfect choice. I folded and packed it away in my camera bag for traveling, and when it came time to use it, I tied it up high around a pillar to use as a fill light.

Another fantastic feature about this light is that you are not restricted to AC power. It comes equipped with two gold mount plates for your battery power needs, which makes it easy to use. The light has a color temperature range of 2900 to 6200k with a CRI of 97.

Interested in renting the Aladdin Fabric-Lite 350W? Contact Rentals by email or phone at 800-rule-com.

Alex Lopez, Quality Control Technician

Aladdin Fabric-Lite 350W

The Aladdin Fabric-Lite is a completely lightweight, flexible, and foldable 3×3 foot cloth of light. The fixture is Bi-Color and the color temperature can be adjusted from 2900K to 6300K.

The Fabric-Lite is incredibly portable and can be folded up for easy transport.

Mounting options for the Fabric-Lite are only limited to your imagination, but a frame with grid and diffuser is provided for using the Fabric-Lite as a more traditional, but still compact soft source.

The 350 watt light may be powered by AC or a pair of Anton Bauer gold mount batteries. You can control the light wirelessly by Lumen Radio or via wired DMX512.

The light has a high TLCI of 97 for very accurate color rendering.

Aladdin A-Lite LED Panel

The Aladdin A-Lite is a compact and lightweight on-board bi-color LED Light. The size of a smart phone, the A-Lite provides excellent output and high CRI color quality between both its tungsten and daylight ranges. A removable battery provides up to 1 hour 20 minutes of power, though the light may also be powered from any USB port such as a portable battery pack, laptop or camera.

Aladdin Bi-Flex 1×2 LED Lite

The new BI-FLEX 2 Kit builds off the original BI-FLEX 1, but with twice the power and length.  The dimmer has an integrated battery plate and features DMX controls. As with other Aladdin products, the BI-FLEX 2 is exceptionally well-built, splash-proof, and features bi-color LED light with superior light output and quality. The color output is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and every point in between, and it’s completely dimmable from 100% to 10%. Most importantly, the light quality is the best available: CRI: 98ra (daylight) / 97ra (tungsten)

The BI-FLEX 2 panel, at 24″ x 12″, weighs only 1 pound! This kit includes a professional-grade dimmer with a battery plate built in (specify V-Lock or A/B Gold Mount) and DMX controls. It also includes a 1-stop Diffuser, an X-Bend Holder for mounting to stands or booms, a Ball Head Stand Mount, and a 15 foot extension cable.

Working with high CRI bi-color light essentially means there is no need for color correction or warming gels (CTO). If you’re shooting a portrait with the light set to full daylight and you want to add a touch of warmth for improved skin tone, it can be accomplished with just the turn of a dial. If you’re working in tight quarters and there’s no room for a stand, it’s no problem as you have several other mounting options. Every BI-FLEX panel has both male Velcro corners and mounting rings, which means you can mount to any surface using female Velcro, screws, nails or even suction cups. And, of course, if it’s easier, you can simply gaff-tape the panel to walls, ceilings or poles. The BI-FLEX is highly portable, throws beautiful variable light, can be mounted just about anywhere, and is both easy to use and built to last.

LEARNING LAB: The Latest in Lighting from Zylight and Aladdin (LIVE STREAMING ON FB!)

Join James Suit and Bob Jones for a look at the latest in lighting from Zylight and Aladdin, including the FXLion lithium ion batteries, chargers, and high power lithium packs, the Rayzr 7, a new series of 7” LED Fresnels with 4 different models: 300 (300W), 200 (200W) daylight and 300B (150W tungsten or daylight), and 200BM (100W tungsten or daylight) bi-color models, plus the NanGuang 400-watt CN-400, ideal for studio and location work, delivering high-quality light (95 CRI) with spot and flood operation, as well as passive cooling for silent operation. Also on hand: Zylight F8, IS3 and Aladdin EyeLite, A-LITE, BI-FLEX and BI-FOLD. 

10am-12n • FREE  • Click here to RSVP. Sign-in (or like/comment on live stream) for a 20% Rental Discount on the Zylight F8 and Aladdin BiFlex (good through August 31, 2017).

Can’t make it in person? We’ll be livestreaming this Learning Lab on our Facebook page starting at 10:10am EST! Click here to see our video library in the Learning Lab Playlist under the VIDEO tab.

Interested in renting Zylight and Aladdin products? Contact us at or 800-rule-com.

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Aladdin Bi Flex 1 LED Lite 50W

Aladdin Bi Flex 1 LED Lite 50W

The Bi-Flex 1 is a flexible BI Color LED panel for professional use in television, movie and photographic production with an outstanding light quality and a CRI and TLCI over 97. The Bi-Flex 1 is the cinematographer’s choice for a small, lightweight and powerful lighting tool for many applications like: portable interview light or to hide in narrow spaces like elevators, cars or even inside objects for product photography.

Hands-on Demo with Lighting Tools from Aladdin

Join lighting specialist James Suit for a practical, hands-on demo with featured lighting tools from Aladdin including the powerful and compact EYE-LITE, the high-end bi-color, on-board A-LITE, and the highly portable, BI-FLEX series that can be mounted just about anywhere. 10am-12n

Be sure to sign-in before our Learning Lab on Wednesday morning for a chance to walk away with your very own EYE-LITE! All those who sign-in will be automatically entered for a chance to win this powerful yet compact light which is can be placed just about anywhere on set (inside furniture, shelves, lamps), or in tight spaces (cars, elevators, etc.).

At 12n, follow James over to the Showroom after his Learning Lab presentation where he and Bob Jones, will demo Zylight’s field + studio-friendly F8 and F8-200, the fully-customizable IS3, and the camera-top Newz lights along with the ZyLink Bridge and app for wireless lighting control. 12n-2pm

Click here to RSVP.  These events are free.

Missed a Learning Lab? Click here to catch up!


If our parking lot at 395 Western Avenue is full, please park at the Brighton Mills parking lot at 360 Western Avenue, Brighton. Please be sure to RSVP so we can forward the parking pass for your dashboard if you park in this overflow lot, or click on RBC PARKING PASS to print your own. Thanks!


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Lighting Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? I Have Just the Light For You!

This is literally the most flexible light in the world of entertainment lighting! The Bi-Color Flexlite, released in April of this year by Aladdin USA, is a light everyone should be using on every shoot. When I say “literally” I mean the fixture can actually bend to fit the contour of a column or the ceiling of a car. The Bi-Color Flexlite is so light and malleable that you can tape it to a column or to the ceiling of a car without any other type of support. Crazy, right? But “literally” true. Need the light to be daylight balanced to boost the ambient daylight from the windshield of a car? No problem. Switching color temperature is a breeze with the turn of a dial! Use gaffers tape to tape the unit to the ceiling of a car or the inside of a windshield. And don’t worry about power availability — you can run it off a battery. As an LED, it will run for an hour on a 90wh battery or 2 hours on a 180Wh battery. The “flexibility” doesn’t stop there…the accessories available for this fixture can support any situation. Do you need a lightweight lantern in a limited power situation? Just strap on gold mounted batteries and set it up with the custom-built lantern. The lantern just pops open into shape when you remove it from the bag -– it can be set up in a matter of seconds. Don’t have a c-stand or maffer clamp? Hang the Bi-Color Flexlite in its lantern anywhere. The kit comes with a dual magnet mount so it can be mounted onto any metal surface. The kit is full of useful accessories in addition to the dual magnet mount. Included is a baby pin adapter to set it up directly on a stand. Additionally, there is a soft box with no support rods or speed rings – the soft box just affixes via Velcro directly to the back of the light. The front diffusion piece sits approximately 4″ above the Bi-Color Flexlite panel. This creates a beautiful, soft light. Have you been concerned about the green shift in LED lighting? Well, not any more! This light reads  like a dream on the CRI with even, white light – no valleys and no peaks. Check out this photometrics chart from the Aladdin website:

Aladin Bi Flex 50W
60cm/2ft 1m/3ft 2m/6ft 3m/9ft CRI
Daylight  6000K 4200lux 1600lux 450lux 210lux 98
BiColor    4200K 4600lux 1700lux 500lux 230lux 97
Tungsten 3000K 3400lux 1200lux 340lux 170lux 97

But wait, there’s more… I just can’t say enough great things about this fixture. The Bi-Color Flexlite is splash and rainproof too – they have conducted tests submerging the fixture in pools and an aquarium. BUT, do be careful, as the dimmer and power unit are not splash/rainproof and will need to be protected. This light can be used in so many different ways that I wouldn’t want to be on set without at least one of these. Thank you for reading, and, as always, do not hesitate to call me with any questions at 617-277-2200 (or 800-rule-com), or email me I look forward to seeing all of you at my next Showroom Demo on Wednesday, September 30th from 12 to 1pm. RSVP: -Alison Cupples, Lighting Specialist,